The Math Meltdown

The Christian Science Monitor
A three-part series in May, 2000

PART 1: May 16, 2000. In a high-tech era, Americans aren't keeping pace in math.

Finding a clear path through America's math maze
If this is math, then we're at war
In Michigan, talking your way to a solution
Lessons from abroad: plan better and delve deeper
A proof that math opens doors

PART 2: May 23, 2000. Controversial math programs: Questions about the approval process

In math education, who decides what works best?
How a new math program rose to the top
Flaws in the evaluation process
US school, Japanese methods
How Japanese students learn math
Department of Ed's Top 10 math programs
Calculators in class: freedom from scratch paper or 'crutch'?

PART 3: May 30, 2000. What some schools are doing to boost performance

Changing America's path to reform
Puerto Rico closes the gap
'I'd never go back to old ways'
Grade-school math is not so elementary
In France, an assumption that math is important
Saxon math: practice, practice
We're off to see the tutor
More challenge, not less, turns kids onto math


Readers weigh in on US math reform

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