Parents do not need an added burden of paying for math tutors

Letter to the Editor
The Bedford (NH) Bulletin
March 2, 2006

To the Editor:

I've decided it's time to vote out the existing school board members in Bedford.

While I appreciate their service to the community, I'm convinced it's time for a change. All of the current sitting school board members voted for a controversial and proven failed math program for the Bedford elementary schools.

Everyday Math has been tried and tested in many schools throughout this country. The best sources of information on this program are at and

I encourage parents to thoroughly research this program. Note that you will not find a text book and, in this program, students as young as kindergarten begin using a calculator.

These are a few of the many red flags that should bother any parent expecting a rigorous math program in their school district.

To view the four confusing algorithms used to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, go to

Does this program mean that kids will not learn any math? I don't think so, but many of the students from NEW/FUZZY math tend to fall behind;

I've been told that Bedford will "Bedfortize" this program. I'm glad the failures will not go ignored. However, I have to wonder why a program with so many faults was implemented only to be "modified."

If it is a success, will it then give us an accurate view of the program, or one that is misleading and flawed because it's been modified?

Whatever the case, there are some excellent math texts/ programs available that do not carry the stigma of controversy and failure. I believe we should expect the best in the classroom, not one of the worst.

Bedford residents are paying enough in taxes. Parents of school children do not need an additional burden of paying for math tutors, too.

Often times in the towns where FUZZY or NEW MATH programs pop up, business at places like Sylvan and KUMON also experience an increase in students needing additional tutoring.

Ann Marie Banfield

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