Re: "Chancellor Levy Exits"

Letter to the Editor
The New York Times

By Elizabeth Carson
August 8, 2002
(not published)

To The Editor:

Re: "Chancellor Levy Exits,"(Op-Ed, August 8, 2002)

While one of Chancellor Levy's "biggest achievements" may have been "a new focus on data collection and analysis," one of his greatest failures was his refusal to look beyond standard education establishment rhetoric for the reasons for those numbers. While summarily dismissing the views and opinions of informed and involved parents, teachers and mathematics professors, who repeatedly voiced concerns with extremely controversial experimental math programs used in many NYC schools, instead he chose to listen only to supporters, district superintendents, math directors, and math education researchers - all with vested interests in continuing the experiment - at our children's expense.

Elizabeth Carson
public school parent
Co-Founder, NYC HOLD Honest, Open, Logical Debate on math reform
A consortium of concerned parents, educators, mathematicians and scientists working to improve mathematics education in NYC schools

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