Stop the Educational Experimentation

Letter to the Editor
New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Carson
August 12, 2002
(not published)

To The Editor:

Re: "Only Way to Teach Kids is to Get Back to Basics" (Ideas and Opinions, August 11, 2002)

Heather MacDonald speaks for many informed NYC public school parents who have pleaded with local administrators to stop the use of faddish programs, most notably whole language and fuzzy math, and to allow classroom teachers the freedom to teach. Parents worry about the the lack of content and rigor, the absence of the provision of a proper foundation in the basics or adequate preparation for college coursework and careers. Those who are able, teach the basics at home or hire tutors. NYC students are being sacrificed (once again) to educational experimentation, promulgated by administrators seduced by research grants and the promise of professional glory.

Elizabeth Carson
public school parent
Co-Founder, NYC HOLD Honest, Open, Logical Debate on math reform
A consortium of concerned parents, educators, mathematicians and scientists working to improve mathematics education in NYC schools

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