Re TERC Investigations

The Editor
The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
June 21, 2004
(Not published?)

From Elizabeth Carson

To the Editor:

I was saddened to read that another school district is set to implement Investigations, a decision that could not have been based on sound research since the recent NRC report reveals none exists. Rather, it is most likely the decision was based on the lure of the multi-million dollar NSF grant procured by Judith Fonzi to pilot the program.

And so once more grant money trumps the analysis and opinions of experts. Grant money matters more than the assessment of seasoned classroom teachers, matters more than the content analysis of math experts, and matters more than the experiences of parents whose children have not thrived in the program and have pleaded for a replacement in district after district across the nation.

Investigations has been denounced by all three of the most important constituents - classroom teachers, subject experts and parents - as egregiously deficient in the foundation skills and knowledge students need in order to advance to higher level math and science coursework in high school and college.

NSF grant money paid for a similar adoption of Investigations in Manhattan District 2 years ago, which led to the still raging NYC math wars.

Look for the advance of inequity and injustice in Rochester schools, for the only students who will survive Investigations will be those whose parents can afford to heavily supplement and tutor outside of school to make up for what Investigations refuses to teach, while the neediest students will fall further and further behind.

Elizabeth Carson
NYC parent

Co-Founder, NYC HOLD Honest Open Logical Debate on Mathematics Education Reform

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