Re: Appointment of Diana Lam as Deputy Chancellor

Letter to the Editor
The New York Times
August 29, 2002
(not published)

By Denise Matava Haffenden

After doing research on Diana Lam, it is clear she is part of the problem parents in District 2 have been fighting all along. Based on the stronghold of grant money directing curricula and a select group of proponents spouting reform education, public school children will continue to get an inferior education. The city will continue to modify the testing and reported statistics to prove that our children are improving but when your fourth grader can't divide you know the truth.

As an employee of the Board of Education I have taken my son out of the public schools. And based on Chancellor Kleins choice of the same old players, I can never look forward to using my tax money put aside for public education. Abandon hope all those who enter ... a child's lost education is not an easy thing to get back.

Denise Matava Haffenden
New York, NY

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