Letter in Trib on local math program should be investigated

The Tribeca Trib
May, 2001

To the Editor:

The Tribeca Trib has been following the controversy over the mathematics curriculum in Community School District 2 for some time, admirably and with balance.

SO I was surprised to read that the latest chapter in the so-called "new math" saga appeared not in a news story, but on the Views page in The Tribeca Trib. In the Aril 2001 letter, "To understand the math program, follow the money," Professor Ralph A Raimi implies that the major proponents of District 2's math curriculum, Lucy West and Catherine T Fosnot, may have motives beyond the purely pedagogical.

According to Professor Raimi, they are receiving combined National Science Foundation subsidies of over $6,000,000 to test this curriculum on the district's students.

Professor Raimi even provides the grant code numbers, for anyone to look up. His lead is easily followed up, and his allegation merits investigation, reportage, and coverage. I urge the Trib to provide them.

Noah Green

Reproduced with permission from the Tribeca Trib.

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