Maureen Weinberg
New York, NY 10021

December 20, 2000

Ms. Shelley Harwayne
Community School Board District 2
333 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001

Dear Ms. Harwayne:

This is to inform you that I have decided to homeschool my daughter, Jessica Weinberg, as of December 18, 2000. She was in the fifth grade at PS 6.

I, as well as many mathematicians, am very unhappy with the TERC math curriculum. I believe this program is responsible for the marked erosion in Jessica's math skills. She scored a 661 on the New York State 4th grade math test. (a passing, but not proficient level 4 score) PS 6, as well as all but four schools in District 2, dropped in numbers of students receiving level 4 scores. But none suffered the dramatic 30 percent decline of PS6.

When I told Ms. Farina, the principal, she said that my daughter, while a lovely child, is incapable of scoring better in math. I do not share her low expectations for my daughter. She received a 148 IQ score and scored in the top percentiles on the math sections of the California Achievement Test in her old district in Putnam County. Clearly TERC is responsible for her's as well as PS 6's decline.

Also, PS 6 violated state law by enrolling my daughter in "Family Living" despite my written objection. It was not until I contacted New York State and Dr. Kaiser that she was removed from the class.

I have read the Commissioner's regulations on homeschooling and will file quarterly reports and will offer the required state courses. I understand she is required to take the city's standardized tests when they are offered. Also, I would like her application to the Middle School Choice program to remain active.

Thank you.


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