New York City Panel for Educational Policy

Email contact information

Panel for Education Policy (Mayoral appointees have an * next to their names:

*Mr. Joel I. Klein, Chancellor, email:, phone: 212-374-5110.
Ms. Evita Belmonte, Queens representative, email:, phone: 718-286-2625.
Ms. Natalie Gomez-Velez, Bronx representative, email:, phone: 914-997-7594.
Ms. Martine Guerrier, Brooklyn representative, email:
Ms. Jacquelyn Kamin, Manhattan representative, email:, phone: 212-669-8166.
Ms. Joan Correale, Staten Island representative.
* Mr. Alan D. Aviles.
*Mr. Philip A. Berry, VP, Colgate Palmolive, email:, phone: 212-310-2947.
*Dr. David C. Chang, President, Brooklyn Polytechnic Univ., email:, phone: 718-260-3500.
*Mr. Tino Hernandez.
*Dr. Augusta Souza Kappner, President of Bank St. College, email:
*Mr. Richard L. Menschel, Senior Director of Goldman Sachs, email:, phone: 212-902-8133.
*Ms. Marita Regan, former D22 administrator (phone and email unavailable).

(Last updated: March 18, 2004)

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