Re: "Klein's Math Still Fuzzy"

The New York Sun
January 30, 2003

To the Editor:

Andy Wolf's article nails the curricular issues in New York City squarely on the head ("Klein's Math Still Fuzzy," Opinion, Jan. 24-26, 2003). Chancellor Klein caved to the educational "experts" who surround him.

They push "fuzzy math" programs that do not work and have been banned by the state of California and removed from Texas' list of recommended programs.

I removed both of my daughters from the best District 2 schools because of the fuzzy math curriculum. I tutored them at home using the Singapore math curriculum. Singapore leads the world in math achievement. It is the recommended program of the New York University mathematicians who are affiliated with NYC-HOLD, an advocacy group dedicated to promoting sound math programs in our public schools.

Once again the city's youngsters will pay the price for decisions made by misguided bureaucrats who want to close the achievement gap by dumbing down the curriculum for all.

Maureen Weinberg

Please note also Ms. Weinberg's letter to District 2 Superintendent Shelley Harwayne, Homeschooling my daughter (Dec 20, 2000), and her letter to Chancellor Joel Klein, In support of Singapore mathematics curriculum (Dec 20, 2002).

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